Now You Can Get The BEST Quality Pure Wool Saddle Cloths and Minimise The Financial Impact and Pay in 4 Payments with PayPal

We are thrilled to share with you our latest offering here at D-Lua Park.

We’ve just introduced a flexible way for you to get your hands on our top-quality saddle cloths and protect your beloved horse.

It’s called “Pay in Four”, and it’s available via PayPal.

D-Lua Park Hand Made Wool Saddle Cloths Design Layout schematic

D-lua Park Pure Wool Saddle Cloths have provided pure wool saddle cloths to the endurance fraternity for over 25 years. The designs have been modified due to saddle changes during that time, but the method of manufacture has never altered – each top layer and bottom layer are ONE PIECE of knitted wool, with no seam joints.

The original saddle cloth design allowed the use of one side for the 1st leg and the other side for the 2nd leg. The addition of saddle ties and girth location loops have become more recent addition; however, the saddle cloths can still be supplied as original, and reversible.

Here’s what some of our customers have to say…

“We have used every saddle pad you can possibly imagine. After much deliberation, I decided I wanted to invest in a pure wool, high-quality product, so I invested in the Wool Isabelle pad.

I just wanted to let you know it was worth every cent and I can’t thank you enough!!

This pad is heaven. It’s so lush and high quality. I can feel the cushioning under my all-purpose saddle when I ride! My horse typically is very roley so I was sceptical about the thickness, but the wool moulds perfectly to her back and she seems to love it. The saddle doesn’t shift at all.” (Laura B).

“I collected my new saddle cloth today. I love your saddle cloths. This is my third one – the other two are still in great condition – they’ve been in regular use for 12 years!” (Jacinta S… 2023).


After hearing what our satisfied customers have to say, why not take a moment to explore our collection of Pure Wool Saddle Cloths?

Remember, with our convenient “Pay in Four” option via PayPal, you can make your purchase comfortably while prioritising your horse’s comfort and protection

We believe in letting the quality and testimonials speak for themselves, so go ahead, browse our selection, and make the choice that’s right for you and your loyal companion!