D-Lua Park Pure Wool Saddle Cloths

Frequently Asked Questions

Designed and manufactured by experienced horse people for serious competitors who demand total comfort and protection for their horses. 100% Australian owned & made.

All designs have dimensions listed in inches and centimetres.

The first dimension quoted measures the saddle cloth from side to side over the wither and the second dimension measures the saddle cloth from front to rear.

You can measure your saddle the same way and this will give a good guide as to whether the saddle cloth will be large enough for your saddle.

Stock saddles come in many different styles from traditional style with stirrup leathers to half-breed styles with swinging fenders. Measure the saddle from bottom of side flap to bottom of opposite side flap, this is Dim ‘A’ of our saddle cloths.

Now measure from the front of the saddle to the rear – this is Dim ‘B’. The decision to have a shaped saddle cloth or a rectangular saddle cloth is a personal choice.

In extreme sports, such as endurance, horses with sensitive skin can become chafed from swinging fenders or stirrup leathers, so it may be preferable to have a shaped saddle cloth with sufficient cover to protect the sides of the horse.

There are many varied dressage saddle designs. Measure the saddle side to side and front to back. We have found our ‘Isabel’ shape is suitable for many different saddles.

There are many variations of saddles claiming to be an endurance saddle. The dimensions of the saddle from side to side and front to back will give a good guide as to which size saddle cloth to use. Shaped or rectangular / square is a personal choice.

Our pure wool saddle cloths are suitable for all types of saddles including treeless.

There is no definitive research available, but anecdotal evidence exists that some horses have an adverse reaction to heat when a synthetic saddle is used with a synthetic pad.

Use of D-Lua Park Pure Wool saddle cloths under the problem synthetic saddle has resulted in 100% success rate. ( Note: If the problem is saddle fit and NOT the two synthetic surfaces NO saddle cloth will fix this problem – a new saddle is required)

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